Grant Information

The Western Rugby Union is frequently asked to consider providing financial support to member LAUs, clubs, or individuals. Requests may cover a wide range of areas and are generally not restricted in scope or content. Procedures for applying for grant requests for members of National squads are covered in a separate policy paper.


Eligible applicants are those persons, LAUs, or clubs who are CIPP enrolled members in good-standing with the USA Rugby and the Western Rugby Union, as defined by payment of current USA Rugby and West dues. Clubs and individuals applying for grants are also required to be in good-standing with their LAU.

Funding Sources

The Western Rugby Union annual budget includes line items for various grant categories. The grant category line items are subject to Board approval. At its sole discretion, the officers and or Board of the West may chose to fund the grant request from other financial sources available to them.

Grant Amounts

There are no predetermined limits on the amount of a grant. Each grant will be individually evaluated on a case-by-case basis. At its sole discretion, the West may place “matching funds” limits on the grant; require reports on the progress on meeting the grant’s objectives, maintain an ownership position in the grant project; or other conditions specified by the West in approving the grant.

Grant Application Process

All grant requests must be submitted using either the Online Grant Application. The grant request must clearly define the project, the total cost, the complete detailed budget for the project including projected revenues and expenses, the benefit to the rugby community and to the West, a list of the persons responsible for the grant and the completion of the project, and a schedule/time line for implementation of the project. If the West is to be considered for an ownership position in the project, the terms of that arrangement must be clearly specified. Grant applications must be received in a timely fashion with a minimum of four weeks before the date the initial grant funds are required.

Please complete and submit the Online Grant Application. Submit additional support materials as described above to WRFU Secretary, Dan Ward by either, by e-mail attachment ( or surface mail (60 Webster Acres, Webster Groves, MO 63119). Dan’s home phone number is 314-961-2706.

Grant Application (click here)

The West reserves the right to use information about the approved grants in any manner it chooses.