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Attn: Men’s & Collegiate Men’s Rugby Clubs
Re: 7s – Out with the old West; In with the new Frontier

Two parts to this email:
1)      Union restructure affects Qualification to Men’s Club 7s Nationals
2)      City Based 7s Men’s All Star teams

USA RUGBY has restructured and disbanded the old Local Unions (35 LAUs) and old Territories (7 TUs) and been morphed into Geographic Unions (15 GUs) which are aligned into 8 Regional Competitions with 4 each in 2 Conferences (American & National).  This has been in place for more than a year in 15s but this is the first year it affects 7s. See the two maps below.

What this means for the ACR3 – Frontier is; that it is much of the old West Union but lost New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas and picked up Utah.   I am now the new Frontier Sevens Program Director.

If a team wants to compete in a Competitive Region other than the one that they are in, they must apply and must be accepted by the Competitive Region they wish to join.  This is an Exec decision by that Region, with notification to USA Rugby, so it is not my call.

Frontier Qualification for the Men’s Club 7s Nationals will be similar to the old West TU.  Frontier has two spots in the Men’s Club “sweet 16” and will hold three Regional 7s Qualification Tournaments (R7QT) to determine those two seeds.  Two of the FR7QT host sites have been determined with the third up for bids until April 1.  Denver on June 21, KC on July 12 and venue TBD on July 26.

See the Frontier Sevens 2014 Competition Rules and Regulations (see items 2 and 8 specifically for hosting)

USA Rugby has announced a City-Based 7s Tournament. And ultimately a City-Based All Star 7s competition that will be separate from the Men’s Club 7s competition.  I am the Director for the All Star 7s in Denver and its’ surrounding region.  I will send more info on this later.

Please see these links:

I am sending this to the Men’s & College Club contacts I have in the Frontier.  Please share all of this with your teams, players and the clubs around you as my list is what I found on the internet.

Howard Kent
Frontier Sevens Program Director

Howard Kent – Director Denver 7s


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